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Denny Waxman
Macrobiotic Expert

My name is Denny Waxman and I am dedicated to the true healing arts. My mission is to guide people to the understanding that health is natural. With an open and flexible attitude, natural activity, and an awareness of healthy foods and cooking methods, we don’t need to do anything else to be healthy. I help people create lasting health through dietary and lifestyle practices.

The macrobiotic way of eating is based on the dietary patterns of the world’s long-standing civilizations. These civilizations were all grain and vegetable based. Their cuisines were delicious, varied, and promoted longevity. My goal is to merge this understanding of history with modern science to create a new medicine for the future.


Denny Waxman extends Macrobiotic Practice to New York City

Macrobiotic Health Consultations

Do you want to be clear of the fear of cancer?
Do you want to experience the joy of a newborn baby?
Do you want a healthy heart?
Do you want to be free from diabetes?
Do you want to recover your health?
If you have answered yes to any of these questions, please see if nutritional counseling would be right for you.

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