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Denny Waxman
Macrobiotic Expert

Denny Waxman is an internationally recognized teacher, counselor, and writer on health, natural healing and macrobiotics. For the past thirty years, Denny has used his expert knowledge in rational ways of eating and the healing power of foods to help others improve their health through diet and lifestyle modifications.

In 1997, Denny Waxman founded a school to offer an education in a way of life that leads to the creation of true health; guidance in regaining and/or strengthening individual and societal health; and publication of clear and concise information about the practices that create health. Denny's school has grown so quickly that in 2002 he formally established it as a non-profit corporation, the Strengthening Health Institute.


Denny Waxman extends Macrobiotic Practice to New York City
What is Macrobiotics?


Denny Waxman has been one of my closest students and associates and has served at the forefront of this health revolution.  -Michio Kushi

(The Smithsonian Institution recognizes Michio Kushi as the leader of the international macrobiotic community and the pioneer of the modern organic, natural foods movement.)

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