A Common Sense reaction to “Fed Up”

Posted on by Denny Waxman

You may want to check out Colin Campbellā€™s review of the film “Fed Up”.





I would like to add some thoughts about singling out sugar as the cause of our health problems. Historically, the Industrial Revolution was the beginning of large-scale nutritional imbalance through the disruption of eating patterns and increased, large-scale food refining. Animal food, dairy and sugar consumption have increased since that time, together with the rise in degenerative illness.

Trying to stop something is rarely successful; the weight-loss industry demonstrates this. The only approach that can produce long-lasting heath is a varied and satisfying whole food plant-based diet combined with good eating habits and lifestyle practices.

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  1. Gloria Richards says;
    13 Jun 2014 - 8:02

    It has been a factor in my thirty plus years that what I eat has contributed to good health and not so good. A plant based diet is what I find healthier for myself.

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