A Nation of Snackers

Posted on by Denny Waxman

In the final stages of completing the manuscript for my new book “The Complete Macrobiotic Diet,” the importance of meal times and eating without doing other things is on my mind and as timely as ever.


I am totally amazed at the poor state of our collective diet. Recently, the American Institute for Cancer Research published some statistics about our snacking habits and Today talked about our favorite types of snacks as of 2012. Snacking is replacing meals and nearly half of our population enjoys eating alone because they can get other things done at the same time.


It’s even worse that snacks change our taste for healthy foods. Craving snacks is an indication that we are not satisfied with our meals. And through not eating meals at all, snack cravings will naturally increase. Naturally healthy foods are moist and flexible, which is nearly the complete opposite of the dry, salty snacks that are the most popular. The dry, salty, snacks also create cravings for unhealthy liquids. It seems to me that this increased snacking is a symptom of a greater frustration in other areas of life, be it socially, emotionally, or job related.


If you’re going to snack, go to a health foods store, find a snack that has ingredients that you can understand. The second step is to then introduce foods that are naturally moist and refreshing and have a mild, natural sweetness. Replacing snacks with healthier choices is a much better approach than trying to stop them.


What are your favorite healthy snacks?

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  1. Pat Palmer says;
    03 Jul 2014 - 5:35

    You wrote: “I am totally amazed at the poor state of our collective diet.” and I completely second that. It boggles the mind how bad the food supply is, how cruel and careless the mainstream food industries are–and how many ugly clothes there are in the world.

    Eating both healthy and in a way which is fully satisfying is one of the things that sets macrobiotics apart.

    I do snack on occasion–but less dry foods (thanks to you), and just, well, less overall. If I am snacking a lot, it is usually because I haven’t been eating in a balanced way.

  2. Madeleine says;
    09 Jul 2014 - 13:06

    Hi Denny,
    it’s crazy to think people are becoming so distanced from nature that they are snacking instead of eating meals!
    When I first started learning about macrobiotics (in 1984) I seemed to need a lot of home-baked ‘healthy’ treats to keep me going. The more in tune with my body I become, the less I seem to need to snack. I noticed a big change recently with the introduction of cultured vegetables to my diet – these seem to have a more relaxing effect than pickled veggies, and to lead to a more satisfied feeling overall.
    When I do snack it is invariably leftovers – eg quinoa and oat loaf, or a creamy soup. Almonds have always been one of my favourite snacks but I realised I was overdoing it, and my digestion is happier with the leftovers.

    I’m excited to hear you have a new book coming out :)


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