5 Things You Didn’t Know About Detox

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1. Detox is not a myth


I wanted to address some of the points made in an article from The Guardian. The article states that detox itself is a myth and that there is little we can do to aid in the process of eliminating toxins. I agree that there is no one solve-all detox method. I’d like to bring some understanding and clarity to this whole process. Detox is a very real thing that we perform all of the time.


2. Another Perspective of Detox

Detox is a natural part of a healthy life; it is the ability to let go and release the physical, energetic, and emotional excess we’ve gathered throughout the day and over time. It is a similar process to cleaning a room; we tidy today’s mess, but we also clean the mess that builds up over time. Detox is more than what goes into our body, it is also about what we can not release. The ability to consistently and rhythmically gather, process, and release excess is the way I define a healthy metabolism.


3. Metabolism and Detox

We regulate metabolism through mealtimes and food choices. Eating consistently at regular times and basing our meals around grains, beans, and vegetables allows us to create a healthy metabolism. Our metabolism is further strengthened by sitting down to eat our meals, thoroughly chewing, and also by walking, cleaning, and other natural activities.

During the day, we are active and taking physical nourishment. At night, our bodies utilize the foods we’ve eaten during the day to maintain, repair, and gather the excesses for elimination. Early to bed and early to rise are they keys to creating a healthy metabolism, ideally sleeping before midnight and waking no later than 7 a.m.


4. Toxins and the Detox Process

Sources of toxins
-Environmental pollutants. The most common in today’s environments are heavy metals, industrial pollutants, plastics, and some forms of radiation.
-Food choices. There are always parts in foods that our body doesn’t use in the digestive process. Even the healthiest food will have some waste that must be eliminated. Poor quality (refined and processed), and more excessive foods (animal, dairy, and added sugars), leave behind more harmful byproducts for elimination.
-Poor digestion. The combination of eating habits and food choices may contribute to poor or sluggish digestion. Foods lacking fiber and overeating often stagnate the digestive system. There is physical limit to how much our digestive system can process. A weaker digestive system has more difficulty breaking down foods and absorbing available nutrition. This often leads to a lack of satisfaction and overeating. The later we eat a meal, the longer it takes for our body to digest the same amount of food, and with each hour, digestion becomes more sluggish. When we eat within three hours of falling asleep, we don’t have enough time to digest the foods, and while horizontal, digestion slows even more, which also causes foods to putrefy.

The process of detox

Our kidneys and intestines, liver, lungs, and skin are all part of the detox process. In order to eliminate, our body needs to localize excess first, in various areas of the body. The most healthy and efficient way of eliminating excess is through our kidneys and intestines. If there is excess that can not be be completely eliminated through the kidneys and intestines, the lungs and skin assist the detox process. The liver breaks down and metabolizes fats, as well as neutralizes both toxins and acidity. Detox is further aided through natural outdoor activity, expression, and even thought. With a positive mind, the ability to gather and eliminate excess increases. When we are depressed and closed off, there is a higher chance of stagnation and gathering of excess into toxins.

This is why there can be no one method for detox, because the process is comprehensive and related to our entire diet, lifestyle and outlook. The body is constantly trying to create order, to clean, and renew itself. Healthy dietary and lifestyle habits contribute to a more efficient detox process.


5. The 7 Steps to Promote Detox

I’ve found that the causes of many illnesses are from what we are unable to release. The 7 steps explained in “The Complete Macrobiotic Diet” are designed around the daily practices we can adopt for healthy nourishment and elimination. The combination of our food choices, eating habits (such as sitting down to eat and specific mealtimes), integrated life activity, and the body rub, detox occurs naturally with little to no forethought.

Detox can be aided through different types of internal and external home remedies. However, remedies must be combined with diet and lifestyle habits to be effective in the detox process. Detox remedies can not replace or substitute for good diet and lifestyle practices.


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Give Youths Back Their Health

Posted on by Denny Waxman
Play, or mischief?

Play, or mischief?

The Wellness section of The New York Times recently published a blog about the climbing numbers of sedentary youth in the country. Despite all claims that we as a country are making advances in health, it is clear that our health is declining and longevity is falling. Young people are at risk for developing degenerative illness, especially cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well as cancer. In addition, 1/3 of our children between the ages of 6-19 are overweight or obese. There is a great concern that the U.S. is falling behind in education as well. There is a clear connection between being sedentary and a lack of interest or inability to learn.


Healthy people like to be active, challenge themselves, and learn. Throughout history, throughout the world, children have played outside without our involvement from morning until night, summer through winter. Why is it that our children no longer want to play? Being sedentary is a very clear indicator of poor overall health.


The article blames parents for not helping their children to exercise. That is not the solution. Healthy parents who are active and curious about life usually have children that grow up and foster similar attitudes and approaches. Health is a family issue. We learn about health through eating healthy foods at mealtimes. When healthy foods are reinforced at school, it becomes easier for children to make healthy choices.


Large quantities of poor-quality food do not encourage us to be active or foster an interest in learning.  We also have total access to unhealthy foods, but we have to seek out and make an effort to find high-quality, healthy foods.  Proper education about the long-lasting benefits of a plant-based diet and increasing access to healthy foods is the best solution for our youth and our future.


Michio and Aveline Kushi started the natural foods movement in the 60s by creating access to whole, natural, and organic foods. They encouraged the development of natural food stores and educational centers to make the food available and to teach people how to incorporate these foods into their daily lives. Now is a good time to make macrobiotic-style education more widely available so that a new generation of healthy children are better equipped to create a healthy future.


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Macrobiotics and Yoga

Posted on by Denny Waxman

I am a recent convert to yoga. It has been a little over a year since I attended my first class. I resisted practicing yoga for many years for some reason that is still not clear to me. It seems that since my 60th birthday has passed, I have found a new openness to many things that did not interest me before.

Last spring my wife Susan came home after attending a yoga class near our house. She started to talk about the class and the teacher. Her excitement peaked my interest and I joined her for the next class. I was hooked after my first class! It was an Anusara yoga class and the instructor was Sarah Robinson. I was immediately impressed by her warmth and expertise and have continued to attend classes whenever possible. At a recent class Sarah excitedly talked about an inspiring Youtube she had seen titled, Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation! It is a Youtube about hope and the power of a yoga practice. I found the video to be highly inspiring and definitely worth the nearly five minutes it takes to watch it. Sarah was amazed at how many yoga instructors turned this gentleman away without even trying to help him. After watching the video I shared her amazement.

Macrobiotics is also about hope. It gave me hope when I needed to change my life. Before starting my macrobiotic journey I was not physically ill, I had a far more serious problem. I was lost and could not find any meaning in life. From the time I was a young teenager I was aimlessly searching for a meaningful direction in life. Reading George Ohsawa’s books, attending a Michio Kushi lecture and improving my way of eating gave me hope. these changes also gave me the clarity, vitality and confidence I was searching for to live a more meaningful life. Now, as a macrobiotic counselor, I experience the power and importance of hope in a different way. I can see my clients transform before my eyes when I tell them that they can recover from their problems if they are willing to practice this healthy diet and lifestyle.

I have also found that hope alone is usually not enough for a total transformation. Hope needs to be combined with beneficial lifestyle practices. In my macrobiotic healing practice over many years I have found that the combination of diet, orderly lifestyle practice and activity have the most powerful results.

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Omega-3 deficiency may be hurting our hearts

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Nutritional shortage tied to obesity, cardiovascular disease, researchers say. READ ARTICLE

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Good Health

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A good Macrobiotic practice means that the person in question has good digestion, from the beginning to the end of the digestive process, good circulation and good nutrition, which is nourishment. Good nutrition means both quality and quantity. The idea that simple and clean food is always better is false. Too much simple and clean food may lead to emptiness.

We should be neither too full nor too empty. Many people think it is admirable to be strict, but it isn’t. If a person or a thing is too good, that is no good.

In the past, everyone did things outside all the time. This was one of the main ways to be active. The more outdoor activity, the better for health. In modern times our lives are growing more sedentary with more time spent indoors. Walking outside, growing vegetables or other kinds of gardening and doing yard work are all natural ways of strengthening our health.

We do not need cures from outside of us as much as we need to strengthen our own connection to nature. Through working outside we can improve conditions like heart disease, lung cancer, depression and many other diseases. The healthier we become the healthier we can help our planet to be. Please create opportunities to work and play outside.

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Health is Like a Mountain Stream

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Anything that aids good digestion and good circulation helps our health.

Health is like a mountain spring, the right amount of water moving at a natural speed. If the source is pure, great. But even if the source is not pure, if it has the right kind of activity, it is still sparkling. It can purify itself. If water becomes deficient it slows down. It starts to putrefy if there isn’t enough power for active movement. If there is too much force behind it or if there is too much water, it becomes destructive.

Our bodies are the same. If we can have proper movement our body can constantly renew itself like a healthy mountain stream. The source doesn’t need to be pure for a mountain stream to be healthy and our nourishment doesn’t need to be perfect. We do need to have the ability to circulate. Activity is the pump, the circulator for our bodies.

Good Macrobiotic practice means good digestion, from beginninng to end of the process; good circulation; and good nourishment, both quality and quantity. Good health is the sum total of our nourishment, activity and circulation.

Practicing Strengthening Health Macrobiotics can improve practically any health condition you can imagine, from diabetes to heart disease to high blood pressure to cancer. Proper activity and circulation along with nourishment contribute to health. The Seven Steps, by Denny Waxman, aim to help ourselves, our families and our world to circulate naturally for good health.

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Self and Global Renewal

Posted on by Denny Waxman

Our body renews itself and changes in many ways, The first way is with our blood plasma, the liquid portion of blood, which renews itself every ten days. Our white blood cells renew themselves every two or three weeks. Then we have our red blood cells which typically renew themselves every 28 days. Finally, our entire body renews itself every seven to eight years depending on whether you are a man or woman (seven for women and eight for men). Women have the ability to renew their bodies more quickly than men do.

Although our skin renews itself every twenty-eight days and can only be twenty-eight days old, why do people get dry skin, blemishes, roughness, cracks and wrinkles? If the skin cannot get proper nourishment, it cannot renew itself efficiently and then we say our skin is aging, The reason that our skin cannot renew itself properly is because it is clogged by fat and then moisture and oils cannot pass through to renourish it. Therefore it starts to age.

This is why one of the Seven Steps of Strengthening Health Macrobiotics is to do the body rub, every day, first thing in the morning, last thing at night, or both. The body rub is done with a hot wet towel, separate from the bath or shower. A cotton cloth is dipped into a sink full of hot water and then the entire surface of the skin is gently rubbed (with the weight of your hand) for about ten minutes. This opens up our pores so that our skin can do its job. Our skin is our body’s largest organ. When our skin is unclogged our circulation improves and many kinds of health problems, from cancer to heart problems to obesity, can be improved.

As we improve our own circulation and health, we can strengthen the health of the planet. Please do a body rub today.

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Aging Naturally Part Two

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It is natural for our bodies to stop growing after twenty years. It is only recently that people continue to gain weight as they grow older. After the first twenty years of life, we continue to grow our personality, not our body. We decide what type of person we would like to become. We ask what image we have of ourselves. How can we develop the understanding and ability to embrace life? This growing of our personality and consciousness depends on our gratitude or appreciation. When we have this gratitude and appreciation, that always creates a kind of openness. However, if we follow modern society and we start to blame and accuse, it cuts us off and makes us more isolated and narrow and then we automatically start to shrink. We start our lives open and full of curiosity and then through different experiences and responsibilities we gain many concepts. Those concepts make us start to close off unless we break through and become open again. As a result, we can’t age in a healthy way and we start to age unnaturally. True aging is a result of being open, as a child is open, but with greater maturity.

Strengthening Health Macrobiotics approaches daily life; eating, and the prevention or attempt to cure cancer and many other diseases with a goal of good circulation. The Body Rub is one of the main ways to achieve increased openness and improved circulation. Sitting down to eat, tasting and noticing our food, chewing it well, helps create gratitude. With these and other seemingly simple practices, we may age naturally after all.

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Healthy Aging

Posted on by Denny Waxman

The process of healthy aging means transformation from the physical world towards the spiritual world. When young, we are more interested in physical and sensory things. We liked to be very active and we are interested in stimulating our senses, often times with loud music.

As we start to grow and mature, we become more interested first in emotional and then later in social issues. Then as we move towards old age, we start to become more interested in life issues and the value of our own life. We start to look back at our life and ask whether we did the things we wanted to do or are happy with our lives. Then finally, we start to think about moving on to the next world and this is generally the natural process of aging. It is a process of growth and maturation, not getting old, hard and drying out.

Healthy aging means we go into each area of our life and we can enjoy it fully and completely. As we are able to comfortably move on to the next level, it does not mean we are abandoning the level before. It just means our central focus is somewhere else. But we are free to move however we like, up or down continually. This is the most natural part of aging.

Proper, or balanced, nutrition and proper circulation are essential for healthy aging. The practice of Strengthening Health Macrobiotics moves us towards healthy aging. Cancer of all kinds, cholesterol and heart issues as well as many other kinds of sickness all are helped by Strengthening Health Macrobiotics. But its seven steps can also be used simply to age naturally.

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