How to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

Posted on by Denny Waxman

Exercise or should I say activity is important for our health. In recent years activity and structured exercise have become confused. We are meant to be active physically and mentally throughout the day. This is what we did before we spent so much time in front of computers and the TV. It was also before we had the epidemics of obesity, diabetes and cancer. Our diet and eating habits have also changed dramatically in recent years. Fast foods have taken the place of real cooked foods and home cooked meals.

We can think of activity as a pump that circulates the energy that is derived from the food we eat. A recent article published on MSNBC stated that, sitting down for long periods may be increasing your cancer risk. This makes perfect sense when you think about it. Doesn’t it make even more sense that eating a healthier diet along with increased activity and less sitting would further reduce our cancer risk.

At the Strengthening Health Institute we recommend a diet centered around whole grains and vegetables that includes a variety of soups, beans, seeds, nuts, fruits, salads, good quality sweets, desserts and fish if desired. We also recommend making your daily life active and including a 30 minute walk outside everyday.

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There are three types of exercises: harmonious exercise, physically or emotionally-oriented exercise and spiritually/mentally or energetically-oriented exercise.

Harmonious exercise means everyone can do it and everyone benefits. This is universal exercise and should be the basis of all exercise programs. Examples of harmonious exercise are walking, laughing, body rub, reading, making love, breathing, cleaning, chewing, gardening, swimming, dancing and hobbies.

Today I will consider walking. Walking is the universal exercise. When I say “part of life,” I don’t mean power walking, which is an unnatural stride. Walking in the past was how you got from one place to another. That was part of life. And our idea of walking, what a short walk is, has changed very much. When you walk naturally, your arms swing like a pendulum and your legs do the same. This is setting a rhythm that helps to regulate all of our bodies’ natural rhythms, including the balance of the branches of our automatic nervous system, our heart beat, our digestive system. Plus, walking helps every condition. It makes you more flexible, and if you are tired, it gives you energy. If you are full, your digestion improves. If you are down, it picks you up. Whatever your state is, you benefit, you return to balance from walking, if it is a natural walk, especially outside. This is so-called harmonious or universal exercise. Everyone should do it and everyone benefits from it. Now of course, if you have certain injuries where this can’t be done, don’t try to do it. But under normal circumstances, everyone benefits from walking. It should be done at a natural stride, at a brisk pace. As if you have somewhere to go and you want to get there.

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Diet and Exercise to the Extremes

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The ultramarathoner Scott Jurek needs 5,000 to 8,000 calories a day to fuel his running regimen, and he gets them without consuming any animal products. Read article

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Meal Times and Styles and Activity

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We get up in the morning and become more and more active. Then we get to a point when, it seems, the sun gets stuck high in the sky, so we can have either activity or stagnation. What we choose for lunch determines whether we become more active in the afternoon or stagnate. Now many people have hypoglycemia and become useless in the afternoon. They have to start out in the morning and do as much as they can, be as productive as possible until they get to that point, and that is it for the day. Then they just kind of coast and try to get a good start the next day.

If you want to be active in the afternoon, there are two key points; beginning lunch at noon rather than at one or two, and eating a simpler rather than more elaborate meal. The sandwich is the lunch food which has conquered the world. It is very unique, very ingenious and good for lunch. Of course this depends on the filling, how much, the type of bread, etc. Some good sandwich ideas are humus or steamed tofu. You can come up with many bean or vegetable based sandwiches. In macrobiotics we have introduced rice balls, brown rice with some umeboshi plum in the center and toasted nori wrapped around the outside. That is very good and very simple. We should look for things that are more simple and light but also nourishing and complete.

If you want to have a leisurely afternoon, then have an elaborate lunch.

The meal is a natural cycle, like the sun or the moon.

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The first question to ask in developing an exercise program is “is this exercise part of my life or is it separate?” If it is separate, then we should do something to bridge the gap to integrate it into our lives, to make it actually a part of our lives. Basically, activity is a type of exchange. When we are active, what do we exchange? We exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. We are exchanging energy. We are exchanging feelings. Whether activity is by ourselves or with friends, or within natural surroundings, this is the case. Activity is really a way to bring further balance and harmony into our lives. It is a way of exchanging, similar to our various social activities, which are, in fact, part of exercise.

Exercise is actually a way of creating balance in our life. That means it has to be consistent with yin and yang. Yang people always choose yang exercises and they like the stimulation but they end up more and more yang and then find more need to exercise. Yin people choose more and more yin activities, with the end result that they end up doing nothing. The basic principle of exercise or activity is returning us to balance in a safe way. We can’t separate activity from our life. In the same way we can’t separate food from our lives. They go together and are not separate in any way. They have to be looked at together.

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Health is Like a Mountain Stream

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Anything that aids good digestion and good circulation helps our health.

Health is like a mountain spring, the right amount of water moving at a natural speed. If the source is pure, great. But even if the source is not pure, if it has the right kind of activity, it is still sparkling. It can purify itself. If water becomes deficient it slows down. It starts to putrefy if there isn’t enough power for active movement. If there is too much force behind it or if there is too much water, it becomes destructive.

Our bodies are the same. If we can have proper movement our body can constantly renew itself like a healthy mountain stream. The source doesn’t need to be pure for a mountain stream to be healthy and our nourishment doesn’t need to be perfect. We do need to have the ability to circulate. Activity is the pump, the circulator for our bodies.

Good Macrobiotic practice means good digestion, from beginninng to end of the process; good circulation; and good nourishment, both quality and quantity. Good health is the sum total of our nourishment, activity and circulation.

Practicing Strengthening Health Macrobiotics can improve practically any health condition you can imagine, from diabetes to heart disease to high blood pressure to cancer. Proper activity and circulation along with nourishment contribute to health. The Seven Steps, by Denny Waxman, aim to help ourselves, our families and our world to circulate naturally for good health.

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