Alejandro Aguilera – Controlling HIV with Macrobiotics

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“I am HIV positive. Macrobiotics chose me to follow its Path and not the other way around. I was diagnosed in May 2006, two days after my birthday. I was devastated. Fortunately macrobiotics found me, and I have never had to take anti-retroviral medications.” – Alejandro Aguilera

Alejandro’s HIV symptoms began while on a trip to Turin during the 2006 Winter Olympics. It started as night sweats and a viral rash. Shortly after returning to the US, he caught a cold which kept getting worse. He had to change his shirt at least five times in one night because he was soaked in sweat. As symptoms progressed and being knowledgeable of HIV, he feared the worse. He wept. He had doctors test for everything else and went to three anonymous testing centers. Finally, he was running out of options and while waiting for the anonymous results, he agreed to be tested by my doctors twice. He had no insurance at the time. Out of the five tests, three came back positive for HIV. He then decided to accept the virus now living in my body. He contacted his attorney and closest friends to share the diagnosis. Eventually, in time, he would contact his family.

Alejandro recalled a young Minneapolis bartender suggesting macrobiotics. The bartender had tried it with much success in regards to his condition but had given it up. He also mentioned a homeopath and a bookstore in South Minneapolis.

Alejandro’s soul sister in Minneapolis, Daniella took him that weekend to see the homeopath. It was at “Present Moment” bookstore that Daniella bought his first macrobiotic text for his birthday: Michio Kushi and Alex Jack’s “The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health”. He went home and devoured the entire section on AIDS and found himself agreeing with the precepts and principles. He proceeded to empty his pantry into brown grocery paper bags, and recycled his teflon and aluminum cookware. The next day, he returned unused groceries back to the neighborhood convenience store and then went to Target to buy stainless steel cookware. His next stop was the Wedge Community Coop to buy “MACRO” food. The cashier turned out to be macro and this was the beginning of a mentoring relationship. She would give him first pressure cooker and his first Le Creuset pot. She would eventually take him to Philadelphia to see renowned, Macrobiotic Counselor, Denny Waxman.

Alejandro witnessed his viral load diminish from over 300,000 copies per milliliter of blood down to a bit over 9,000 copies per milliliter. He also has a fluctuating immune system, CD4 count that keeps him in very good health. He has only had the flu once since becoming macrobiotic, and the only symptom which reminds him of his condition (and his humble existence) is the hairy oral leukoplakia on his tongue.

Emotionally and spiritually, Alejandro moved from anger and punching walls, to fear and endless tears, to a place of peace, light, service and redemption. He now suggests to others that: “If you want to LIVE and fully embrace your purpose in Life, then give macrobiotics a chance to change your point of view. It did that for me.”

Listen to Controlling HIV with Macrobiotics

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Phiya Kushi

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Everyone has a unique life and mine happens to involve macrobiotics. Phiya Kushi has spent his entire working life involved in macrobiotic endeavors ranging from food businesses, restaurants, bookstores, educational organizations and teaching and counseling. He owes this unique life path to his parents, Michio and Aveline Kushi, whose mission in life has been to create one peaceful world based on a macrobiotic foundation of healthy, happy and peaceful people eating and living in harmony with their environment.

Please visit the official website

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Therapist prescribes music to soothe the senses

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In the world of occupational therapy, prescriptive music for sound therapy is considered a medically reputable and viable treatment for some neurological disorders. Now with so many mainstream occupational therapy clinics prescribing sound therapy, it is no longer considered an alternative form of treatment. However, it has yet to become widely accepted across other areas of medicine. READ ARTICLE

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Takashi Yoshikawa Memorial

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Denny Waxman and Takashi Yoshikawa

Denny Waxman and Takashi Yoshikawa

Takashi Yoshikawa passed away recently just before his 82nd birthday. Many of you may not know of him since he never practiced macrobiotics. However, he had a significant impact on our community as a personal advisor to, and teacher of, many people who actively practice macrobiotics. He is, perhaps, best known for his role over the years as the advisor to John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Boy George and Barry Manilow.

Mr. Yoshikawa had a profound impact on my life. He was my teacher, my mentor and my personal friend. He was like a father to me and very caring about my children. To my lasting happiness, he honored my marriage to Susan by attending our wedding. Susan’s grandmother, his senior by 11 years, referred to him as her guru. Whenever we saw her she asked how her guru was doing. Mr. Yoshikawa commanded admiration and respect from everyone with whom he crossed paths.

Takashi Yoshikawa was the world’s foremost authority on what he re-named 9 Ki or The Ki, as opposed to 9 Star Ki. He insisted that there were no stars, only stages of energy. He believed that 9 Star Ki and Four Pillars Chinese Astrology were unnecessarily complicated and set out on a quest to simplify and adapt these teachings to modern life without sacrificing either their wisdom or their meaning.

I first met Mr. Yoshikawa—I continued to use the formal mode of address even after many years of close friendship—around 1990. At that meeting I was as impressed by his appearance, stature, impeccable manners and social graces as I was by his penetrating insights into The Ki. I knew at once that I had met an extraordinary man. Over the years he guided me to an understanding of my own nature; he pointed me toward what I needed in order to develop further; he gave me invaluable and creative insights into the essential nature of each of my children, their strengths and weaknesses. With his help, I was able to be a better father.

He was an unusual advisor in that he would not give advice unless he felt he could guarantee the results. Often his advice was brutally honest and, of course, some clients were unhappy with what he told them. When I questioned him on the subject, he said, “I can’t lie. I have to tell my clients what I see and I recommend that you do the same.”

He told me once that, according to Four Pillars Chinese Astrology, he should not have had a good life. However, by studying and practicing The Ki, that is, by continuously gathering positive energy through good timing and movement, he was able to create a uniquely satisfying life. The few times that I was privileged to travel with him I was amazed to observe that everything went his way from the moment he arrived until the moment he left. For instance, on the second night of his visit to Portugal, he received an invitation to dinner at the home of Amalia Rodrigues, the most famous singer of Fado, the traditional Portuguese music. It was on a par with having dinner with the head of state of Portugal.

We were good friends almost from the beginning. In the first few years, he would often speak to me in Japanese. Though I could understand what he was saying, I had to explain to him that I couldn’t find the words to answer him in Japanese. He would then graciously revert to English.

Around that time, I asked if he would be willing to teach me his approach. He said that he was not a good teacher, but that if I asked him a specific question he would try to answer it. In the beginning he was very open and laid out this incredible framework for me. It turned out that my approach to macrobiotic counseling and to my recommendations was similar to his approach to the Ki. We both looked at things from a number of different angles. He told me he believed this to be the key to penetration and accuracy.

As time passed, there were questions he wouldn’t answer yet, at other times, he would tell me things I had never thought to ask about but that always added another dimension to my understanding. Certain things he refused to tell me. He said that his teacher had refused to tell him and he, in turn, wouldn’t tell me, but often he would point me in a direction to discover the answer. He said that it was because his teacher wouldn’t answer some of his most important questions that he was able to develop his own approach and unique interpretation of 9 Ki. He encouraged me to develop my own interpretation as well. When I asked him about my new discoveries he usually said no, that’s not right, thus forcing me to try to penetrate the Ki even more deeply!

In all the years I knew him, I disagreed with his advice only once. A friend came to see me about someone she had met. She was not completely sure of his date of birth. I told her that without knowing it I couldn’t really advise her but I had a strong feeling that he was not the one for her and I told her to be careful. Later, having learned his date of birth, she went to see Mr. Yoshikawa. He told her that this man was the one for her, that they were a perfect combination. The next time I saw Mr. Yoshikawa he said to me, “Don’t tell people your feelings, just analyze the numbers.” He told me that when he was young he had indeed used his intuition but that now he just analyzed the numbers. I didn’t completely believe him because, on many occasions, I had experienced his powerful intuition. I learned later that the relationship hadn’t worked out, that, in fact, the man had lied about his birthday to my friend.

Even though a couple of months have passed since he left us, I find it hard to believe that Mr. Yoshikawa is gone. He now seems bigger than life. Takashi Yoshikawa was one of those vivid people who inspired awe and wonder about the nature of life itself. I know he will live on in the hearts of all of us who loved him.

Susan Waxman and Takashi Yoshikawa

Susan Waxman and Takashi Yoshikawa

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What is Macrobiotics?

Posted on by Denny Waxman

“Macrobiotics” comes from makro bios, the Greek words for “Long Life” or “Great Life.”

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, coined the term, and in the modern era it has been developed by Michio Kushi and other educators in Japan, America, Europe, and around the world. By creating our bodies and minds from natural foods in a spirit of thankfulness, we can contribute to personal health, social well being, and planetary health and peace.

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Macrobiotics, A Re-definition

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Macrobiotics is not a diet. Macrobiotics is an orderly approach to diet and lifestyle. Through principles of harmony, balance and change we continually learn how to make healthier choices in our eating habits, diet, activity and lifestyle.

Macrobiotics is also based on the understanding that spiritual health, the development of endless appreciation for all of life, leads to mental, emotional and physical health. The healthy choices we each make on a daily basis also benefit society and the environment.

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Sitting Down to Eat and Natural Aging

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It is less and less common now to have undernutrition. Although overeating is damaging, some people think that the more simply they eat, the better their health will be. But simple is only good for a certain length of time. If we eat too simply and don’t take any oil, flour, fish and desserts for long enough, hardness is created. Our nutrition becomes inbalanced.

The proper amount of food can only be identified when we are seated. We don’t have normal sensation when our stomachs are elongated. We only have it when our stomachs are bent. Everyone has a point where they feel full but not stuffed. If you’ve had enough food, you feel satisfied, If you go beyond that point, you can eat endlessly. However, in order to find this point, we have to slow down and take time for a meal, sitting quietly and being with our food. This does not mean no dinner conversation but rather not eating in front of the television or while reading. When we are with our food and get to that point, we stop eating and do not overeat. It takes time to find this point because often times our digestive system has expanded from our past behavior.

Healthy digestion and cholesterol levels; freedom from weight problems and heart disease and numerous other ailments begin with proper nutrition. Proper nutrition begins with sitting down to receive nourishment, without doing other things, at lunch and dinner and for many people, breakfast. This gets us in touch with what we need. With this simple and practical tool, in the spirit of Strengthening Health Macrobiotics, we can realign ourselves with nature, helping ourselves and our world to age naturally.

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Macrobiotics as a Spiritual Path and Social Act

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Macrobiotics has the reputation in some circles as being about food or health or curing cancer. In fact, it is not so much a diet or a cure as a spiritual path with practical applications.

Macrobiotics is really the teaching of Jesus, as expressed in the Gospel of Thomas, and of Buddha. Buddhism and Taoism and Macrobiotics are actually the same.

The founder of modern Macrobiotics, George Ohsawa, fashioned macrobiotic education on Lao-Tzu’s school. Lao-Tzu’s school had four parts:

1. Self Mastery: spiritual, physical and mental health, using the principles of yin and yang, or expansion and contraction, as a compass.
2. Order, peace and happiness in the family.
3. The creation of an orderly society. A social awareness that is not one-sided.
4. The formation of One Peaceful World.

George Ohsawa was interested in One Peaceful World, became a World Federalist and tried very hard to stop WWII. His favorite student was the first to use the word “ecology,” Ohsawa having used it in French.

Although Macrobiotics in general and Strengthening Health Macrobiotics in particular have had much success healing cancer, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and many other health problems and is associated with the inception of the natural foods movement in America, the origins and spirit of macrobiotics are in the spirituality of Jesus, Lao-Tzu and Buddha, and also have a long history of social and political involvement. In addition to being a powerful way to heal the self and family, Macrobiotics aims to heal society and the world.

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Pureed Sweet Vegetable Soup

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1 medium onion diced
1/2 cup diced leek
1/3 – 1/2 head of cauliflower
Sea salt
Parsley; finely diced for garnish


1. Place diced onions in a pot with water enough to cover onions by an inch.
2. Add a tiny pinch of salt and bring to a boil over medium flame, Continue to
cook onions for several minutes or until they become translucent.
3. Add leeks, cauliflower and additional water to cover vegetables by
approximately 1 to 2  inches.
4. Add an additional generous pinch of sea salt, cover and bring to a boil on a
medium to medium-high flame.
5. When water begins to boil, reduce the flame and simmer on medium-low for
approximately 20 minutes or until the vegetables are tender.
6. Using a hand food mill, puree all the ingredients.
7. Return the pureed vegetables to the pot.
8. Season with a few drops of shoyu and simmer 5 7 minutes on a medium-low
9. Garnish with finely chopped parsley or scallion.


The consistency of this soup may be adjusted by the amount of vegetables and
water. If soup becomes too thick, add additional water until desired
consistency is reached.

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Making Balance with Society

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Many aspects of life are speeding up and getting more intense. We can see this reflected in television shows which move faster than their early counterparts, in the weather, which doesn’t correspond to seasons as it once did; in technology which constantly outdates itself. Society has become more pressured, crowded and contracted in every way. Every open lot is built up, every road is more crowded, and people are getting more intense. Environmentally, seasons have become more erratic. There is pollution, Wi-Fi. Any type of radiation is drying, so with all the forms of radiation around us, society is becoming much more dry. There is no more natural circulation in society. Even many children don’t know how to play by themselves, and animals are penned up.

Regarding food quality, food is simply weaker and less nourishing than it was in the past.

Because of these three things—a more pressured world, a drier and more erratic environment, and weaker food quality, we need to adjust our way of eating.

We should eat brown rice, daily if possible, and if possible we should soak it before cooking for twelve or more hours. However, in addition to grain and to make balance with grain we can eat more vegetables, to make ourselves feel lighter and more connected to nature. We need more things that are light and refreshing than we did in the past. Salads, lightly blanched vegetables and pressed vegetables all help us adjust to a dry environment. We can add grated sour green apple, orange and tangerine to these. Please be sure they have a crunch and are bright in color! “Refreshing” is one of the most important nutrients! Hearts of Romaine lettuce, wedges of iceberg with slices of cucumber, served with a variety of dressings or simply vinegar—these are important now, as your health and condition allow.

Diseases such as cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure all can be helped by improved circulation, and fresh, bright vegetable dishes help our energy circulate. Strengthening Health Macrobiotics aims to help us align with nature for personal and planetary health. Please enjoy lightly cooked vegetables today!

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