Fertility’s Modern Challenges

There are three stages of fertility. First is the ability to become pregnant. The second is having a healthy full-term pregnancy and natural childbirth (from a macrobiotic perspective this means without the aid or use of drugs), and the third is raising a healthy child. All three of these stages are in danger or compromised […]

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How Well Do You Know Your Sweeteners?

The sweet taste is our most natural, harmonious taste. In previous entries, I’ve talked about healthy sweets and unhealthy sweets. Today, however, I’d like to talk about sweeteners. Sweeteners in beverages are absorbed into the blood more quickly and tend to be more harmful. Compare the difference in feeling a sweetened beverage with a homemade […]

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How to Overcome the Hangry Horrors

Feeling hangry is a much different sensation than healthy hunger. Healthy hunger is a feeling based on a desire for life; it is a pleasant, mild, and comfortable anticipation of a nice meal. However, feeling hangry is a result of stressing the pancreas and liver through unhealthy dietary and lifestyle practices over time. Hangriness also […]

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Steps to Avoid or Reverse Diabetes

Why is it that type 2 (aka adult-onset) diabetes has become an epidemic even for young children? For instance, 1 in 3 of all American children born in 2000 will go on to develop type 2 diabetes at some point in their lives. There is a clear path that lead to this problem.

Changes […]

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How to Reset The Biological Clock

Rhythms come from nature, and our circadian rhythms are produced by the interactions between our internal and external environments, especially within our microbiome, the sun, and temperature. These interactions and relationships produce physical, emotional, mental, and behavioral changes with each day and throughout the year. Our sense of order, rhythm, and balance comes from nature, […]

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How to Choose Healthy Meals in Restaurants

Enjoying a healthy meal at a restaurant may at first seem like a difficult task. The key for choosing healthy meals while dining out is about sticking to a healthy format. Keep to the format of a healthy meal, even if you have to compromise quality a bit.

Restaurant Checklist

—Sit down to eat without doing […]

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10 Secrets to Anti-Aging

Everyone seems to be concerned about aging these days. People take special preparations and treatments to reverse the natural process of aging. Most of these treatments are based on hormonal and/or nutritional supplements, creams and injections, or surgery. Unfortunately, these treatments are only temporary and oftentimes these treatments backfire. What are the differences between those […]

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More Thoughts on Gut Health

I’d like to again thank Dr. Neal Barnard for posting a guest blog with practical and informative information on gut health.

When you have healthy gut bacteria, there is not much room for the unhealthy ones to thrive. Conversely, if you do not have enough healthy gut bacteria, the unhealthy ones can take over. A loss […]

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More Thoughts on Healthy Sleep

I’d like to thank Dr. Neal Barnard for so much practical advice in his recent blog on sleep. I’d like to add a few tips that you may also find helpful.

Our sleep is regulated by our eating habits, diet, and activity. Sleep problems are the result of an imbalance […]

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Lose Weight Once and For All

Healthy weight is natural. It is like breathing; we don’t think about it. Weight itself is an indicator of our overall health and the balance of our diet and physical and mental activity. Trying or struggling to lose weight rarely leads to success. The most effective and long-term way to get to your natural, healthy […]

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Seeds of Change: Spring 2016

According to Nature’s energy, Spring begins around February 4th. Nature’s energy begins to rise midway between the Winter solstice and Spring equinox. Most years, by this time, we start to experience Spring Fever, and feel fed up with Winter. Many nature-based traditions, such as the Celtic celebration of […]

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7 Healthy Steps Before Pregnancy

A healthy pregnancy ideally begins at least six months before conception. Within the first three weeks, the major systems and the heart of the baby are forming before most women know they are pregnant. Our diet and lifestyle practices before the pregnancy set the tone during and afterwards as well.


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Susan’s Recipes for the Healthy, Happy Kids Summit

Standing Ovation Cookbook
by SusanWaxman
The following recipes were created by Susan Waxman for the children’s film, “Standi ng Ovation”. They will be released as complementary material with my interview for the Healthy, Happy Kids Telesummit; sign up for free today!

These snacks are healthy variations of some of your kid’s favorite treats. The snacks are low-fat, dairy […]

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Your Self-Improvement Guide for the New Year


These 10 steps will help you wind back your biological clock to feel fabulous, look vibrant, and think clearly. The keys to anti-aging and regaining your youthful vigor are good nutrition, good digestion, and good circulation. These keys enhance our ability to continually clean, refresh, and renew ourselves physically, emotionally, and mentally. An alkaline condition […]

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What Is Your Vision for 2016?

I have always been fascinated with patterns and how they affect our health and movement within society. I recently discovered a seven-year Jewish cycle called Shemitah (shmita) which correlates with the Jewish New Year, usually occurring in September. The Shemitah cycle seems to correlate accurately with life-changing events and changing of core values. There is […]

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The Easy Way to Have a Healthy Holiday

Are you an apple or a pear? It turns out that our body shape is a more important indicator of our overall health than body weight alone. A recent article discussed how the body types of apples and pears relate to being overweight or obese. I find it amazing […]

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Love for Vegetables

To continue from my previous entry, I’d like to highlight and honor the unique qualities of some of my favorite vegetables, along with the preparations that I think accentuate their uniquenesses.

Leafy greens


Watercress is a unique vegetable in macrobiotic practice because leafy greens are considered to be yin vegetables, except for watercress. Watercress is considered […]

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