Neurons, Modern Science, and Macrobiotics Come Together

I just saw this amazing TEDTalk by Dr. Sandrine Thuret called “You Can Grow New Brain Cells. Here’s How.” In the video, Dr. Thuret describes the process of brain cell growth and how diet, and lifestyle affect our ability to grow new brain cells. I was struck by how similar her recommendations for growing healthy […]

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Evolving Macrobiotics

This article was recently published in the autumn issue of Macrobiotics Today as a contribution to the ongoing discussion about the need for animal and dairy foods in macrobiotic practice.

Evolving Macrobiotics
The Spirit of Gratitude

Is there a need for animal and dairy foods in macrobiotic practice? Macrobiotics is not a traditional way of eating, but […]

Short and Sweet

CNN recently published a study about the benefits of decreasing sugar for ten days in children. I found this interesting because what we eat today goes into our blood plasma by tomorrow. Plasma, the liquid portion of our blood, renews itself every ten days.

Avoiding foods produces short term effects, and adding healthy foods provides long […]

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A Healthy Pantry Starter Kit

These are foods that we always try to keep well-stocked in our pantry. They form the basis of the way of eating that has kept our family healthy over the years. These are also the first and most important foods that I encourage my clients to incorporate into their way of eating. The combination of […]

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Putting Oil in Perspective

Oil has a long tradition in cooking; both olive and sesame oil have been in use for thousands of years. Both olive and sesame oil can be pressed naturally without added heat or solvents. Even though oil is not a whole food, it has the ability to transform our foods. The use of oil in […]

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Interview with Nishime

Coming soon, an interview will be published in the online macrobiotic journal Nishime with other counsellors. Here is the interview in English.

Interview questions

Why did you start practicing macrobiotics?

Before I started practicing macrobiotics, I was not satisfied with my life. I was searching for something meaningful. When I was younger, reading George Ohsawa’s message about personally […]

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Was Popeye right?

Though spinach contains many important and valuable nutrients, this leafy green does not share the same overall benefits as many other leafy greens. Two of the most popular leafy greens, spinach and Swiss chard, also contain higher concentrations of oxalic acid, which may interfere with mineral absorption. These two vegetables also do not seem to […]

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Everyday Miso

A recent article reported the ability miso has to prevent a number of modern illnesses. Traditionally miso was used for digestive and cardiovascular health. Miso also provides protection from radiation and other environmental toxins. In macrobiotics, we recommend using barley or brown rice miso that has been aged two to three years.

Certain preparations of […]

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Animal and Dairy Food Continued

Is there a need for animal and dairy foods in macrobiotic practice? Macrobiotics is not a traditional way of eating, but it is traditionally based on patterns established by the world’s long standing civilizations. I find it fascinating that these civilizations were plant-based, whose mainstays were grains, beans, vegetables and soups, supplemented by pickled, and […]

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A New and Refreshing Approach to Macrobiotics

Coming up with a definition of macrobiotics is not an easy thing. Practically speaking, macrobiotics is a guide to living a great life. Macrobiotics offers an approach to daily life that nourishes and sustains us as well as our families, societies, and the environment. Macrobiotics has been misinterpreted and misconstrued in the past as a […]

A Primer for Anti-Aging

A recent article from BBC News issued a report on a study done in New Zealand that measured the rates of aging within a group of subjects (between 26 and 38). They measured age through observing 18 different traits which included brain function, kidney function, gum health, and weight. Some aged regularly, that is their […]

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Is Kale Another Fallen Superhero?

Kale has a long, positive history and has a well-deserved reputation for its hardiness and nutrient density. It is said when a traditional doctor in China wanted to establish a practice, he would check to see if the people of the village were growing kale. If kale was growing, he would move on to another […]

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28 Days to Healthy Skin

Beauty is more than skin deep, but it does start there. The skin, the largest organ of the body, renews itself every 28 days. It serves as a pressure valve for the entire body, moderates temperature, fluids and sensory perception as well as releases excess energy and stress. Our complexion is an important factor […]

The Secret of Healthy Sunbathing

The sun is essential to all of life. I find it interesting that even the sun is now perceived as an enemy. Before the Industrial Revolution, people not a part of the upper class were naturally exposed to the sun throughout their lives. As a result of the Industrial Revolution, we disconnected from nature’s cycles […]

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Portugal and Nature’s Qi

I have just returned from a seminar in Portugal called “Awakening Qi” with my long time friends and associates, Bill Tara and Chico Varatojo. The seminar focused on how we use and work with qi in our daily life and professional healing practices.

I came upon this interesting website that shows how we can […]

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Why Do Some Vegans Fracture Their Hips?

It has been my observation that recently more and more vegans have been having bone problems including hip fractures and replacements. In the past, hip fractures were considered to be a sign of old age and impending death. This may not the case today, but I do believe that the food choices common to much […]

To the Farmer’s Market

I’d like to thank Ben Bergman of Greener Pastures and Stephen Waxman of Trax Cafe for having Susan and I at the Ambler Farmer’s Market to talk about “The Complete Macrobiotic Diet.”

Farmer’s markets provide many benefits for the health of individuals and communities. Farmer’s markets help us to learn about and reconnect with […]

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