Portrait of the Spreading of Joy & Health in 2014

The portrait of health has been painted over and over again. People say that in order to look like the portrait that’s painted, you need to follow sets of procedures in order to be healthy and happy. You are probably familiar with those procedures: Eat well in this way, exercise in this way.

Achieving health shouldn’t […]

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Al Gore Goes Vegan-It’s Not Stopping Meat, It’s How You Stop It

Food choices, diets and our relationship to the production of food are becoming more and more prevalent in national discussions. People are becoming more openly aware of food personally, socially and environmentally.  A recent article in The Washington Post about Al Gore’s choice to become vegan came out a couple of weeks ago. Eliminating meat […]

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An Unobstructed, Natural Flow of Emotion

A few weeks ago, I posted about a guiding image of health I refer to when considering a healthy body and mind and I touched lightly on emotions. In this post, I’d like to talk a bit more about how emotions are inseparable from our health.


Emotions specifically depend on liquids. Without liquid, we would have […]

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Healthy Holiday Survival Guide

The holiday season is one in which we express our appreciation with our friends and loved ones, with a time to experience real joy and togetherness. It’s easy to get caught up in the commercialization of these holidays. This year, I hope we can be more aware of what these times are supposed to impart, […]

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Bill Clinton’s Invitation to Macrobiotics

A recent article in AARP The Magazine: “Bill Clinton Explains Why He Became A Vegan” caught my attention. The article explains President Clinton’s mostly vegan diet, and gives readers a glimpse of what he may eat on any given day. I have been in practice as a macrobiotic educator, seminar leader and counselor since the […]

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Macrobiotics from the Heart

I’d like to share with you this report from the Macrobiotic Teachers and Practitioners Conference recently in Lisbon.

Macro Meeting Lisbon Report

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The Image of Health

Nature continually seeks balance. We can look to the natural world as a model for our health as we ourselves are a part of nature, inseparable from it even. An image I follow in my macrobiotic counseling practice to guide others to return to health is that of a mountain stream.

In this mountain stream, water […]

Getting to the “Heart of Things” in Lisbon, Portugal


This past week, I traveled to Lisbon, Portugal to participate in two events.

The first three days of my trip, I participated in The GreenFest, a three day festival at the Estoril Congress Center. As you may guess, The GreenFest commits to annually showcasing and demonstrating the current progress and topics surrounding sustainability in business, technology and […]

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Macrobiotic Institute in Valencia, Spain

Last week I traveled to Valencia, Spain to spend the week teaching at the Instituto Macrobiótico de España. My colleagues and good friends Patricia Restrepo and her husband Emilio Espi are the directors of the institute, Patricia is also the director Green Yoga,  housed in the same building.  Together, they co-founded the very modern and delicious […]

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A Follow Up on The China Study with a Testimonial

I’ve recently received this story from a woman, Sheron, in response to my previous entry about T. Colin Campbell and her take on The Great Life Diet. Thank you, Sheron! She writes:

“There is nothing better than the balance of a Macrobiotic diet and lifestyle. I am committed to following Macrobiotics for the rest of my […]

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Recommendations for PMS

PMS is part of a cycle of hormones–expansions and contractions. Being aware of where you are in your cycle, what you’re eating and how you’re feeling as a result can guide you with managing PMS.

 During ovulation, hormones are causing contractions to release an egg.

The other half of the cycle, hormones are building and preparing for […]

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The China Study and Macrobiotics

American society has a general notion that we are neither in control of our genes nor the environmental factors which cause disease. Under this assumption, many may be throwing up their hands and wondering: What’s the use of trying to prevent disease when it is inevitable?


A current medical assumption is that early detection of a […]

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Trip to Taipei

The trip to Taipei with Susan was a nice blend of research, vacation and adventure. The adventure began with the flight, when we tried to leave for San Francisco on July 10th; our flight was delayed due to the crash on July 6th– only one runway operational. We were originally supposed to layover at the […]

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Causes and Treatments of Allergies

We hear about allergies often:  casual conversation, the media, and conversation with our doctors.  Although many people are aware of the wide variety of allergies, we still have a misunderstanding as to why they occur.

What is our body trying to tell us?

While allergies are often thought of as something we can not change about […]

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Our Trip to Taiwan

Susan and I are on our way to Taipei, Taiwan at the invitation of our client. We will be there for about a week to support her on her journey back to health.

We are also going to explore new foods and cooking styles. This will help us to further understand the application of our macrobiotic […]

Breast Cancer Risk Factors

I’ve written two blogs about breast cancer, both describing what things to do in order to greatly decrease your risk of developing it.  In Shining Light on Breast Cancer Prevention, I explained what lifestyle habits to practice, and in Pertinent Info. about your Health and Breast Cancer, I correlated the spiritual, emotional, and physical factors […]

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Some Photos of our trip. Enjoy :)


Photo Credits to my vibrant wife: Susan Waxman.

Again, we appreciate the chance to meet and work with all of you this past month.  Please keep in touch and we hope to see you soon at SHI.

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