Give Youths Back Their Health

The Wellness section of The New York Times recently published a blog about the climbing numbers of sedentary youth in the country. Despite all claims that we as a country are making advances in health, it is clear that our health is declining and longevity is falling. Young people are at risk for developing degenerative […]

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A Nation of Snackers

In the final stages of completing the manuscript for my new book “The Complete Macrobiotic Diet,” the importance of meal times and eating without doing other things is on my mind and as timely as ever.


I am totally amazed at the poor state of our collective diet. Recently, the American Institute for Cancer Research published […]

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Mom was always right

The Atlantic recently published an article about broccoli sprout tea:

Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables have similar effects on mitigating air pollution.
Chemo-prevention is much better than chemo-therapy.

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A Common Sense reaction to “Fed Up”

You may want to check out Colin Campbell’s review of the film “Fed Up”.



I would like to add some thoughts about singling out sugar as the cause of our health problems. Historically, the Industrial Revolution was the beginning of large-scale nutritional imbalance through the disruption of eating patterns and increased, large-scale food refining. Animal food, […]

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Obesity in the U.S.

The U.S. Leads the way again! Unfortunately, it is individual obesity rate.


City Lab Obesity Report


How many people do you know practicing macrobiotics or other plant-based diets have issues with being overweight or obese?

A Dose of Seaweed


Seaweed is coming into the limelight as a superfood because of its abundance of unique nutrients and health benefits. Using seaweed in cooking provides the best protection available against environmental toxins and radioactivity. The iodine in brown seaweed helps maintain the thyroid as well as protect against radioactive iodine. Seaweed protects against and helps pull […]

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The Importance of Sunlight in the Morning

There was a slideshow from called “7 Signs You Need More Sunlight– and Don’t Know It.” The morning sun helps many emotional and physical discomforts.


We have the greatest ability to release unneeded excess in the early morning hours close to sunrise. It happens as soon as our feet literally hit the ground. The sun […]

Ben Franklin, Creativity and Macrobiotics

What good shall I do today?

Order and structure fosters health, vitality, and creativity. We can see from the recent Huffington Post article that various types of creative geniuses across cultures had specific routines for mealtimes, sleep, and work. Could it be that the structure of their lives was the key to their creativity?

Ben Franklin’s routine […]

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Setting One Record Straight

An elderly client of mine who is having some issues recently received this e-mail from a well-meaning friend. I would like to comment on this misleading and potentially harmful advice. Below is a snippet from the e-mail:


How many folks do you know who say they don’t want to drink anything before going […]

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Cravings, A Search For Balance

I’d like to offer a physiological perspective on cravings and how to work with them. Cravings are a way our body communicates with us. They are a way we seek balance and align with nature. For example, warm, dry weather makes us thirsty.

There are two main types of cravings.

1)  Intense cravings. Unsatisfied intense cravings tend […]

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Confused About Protein? Don’t be!


Article from the Telegraph UK: “High-Protein Diet ‘as bad for health as smoking'”

To paraphrase T. Colin Campbell, epigenetics controls genetics and food controls epigenetics, or how our genes are turned on or off and express themselves. According to Neal Barnard, M.D. genes are merely a suggestion. This gets to the root of many things, which […]

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Mona Schwartz Memorial

Mona Schwartz passed on Jan 2, 2014. She was 78 and had spent the last 30 years of her life in Derha Dun, India where she was known as “Mona Organic Schwartz”, a local hero. She was one of those people who was truly larger than life.


Mona was my first true counseling client. She wandered […]

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Photo Tour of L.A.

Susan and I just returned from a week in Santa Monica and Venice Beach to do some counseling and be with family. We spent our time going to all of the macrobiotic restaurants and other neat venues, but we never got a chance to contact all of our L.A. friends! Next time. In the meantime, […]

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Can Food and Learning Be Separate?

I’ve recently come upon a study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published in November 2013. The article discusses the results of a survey conducted in four European countries concerning the effect that food has on learning and mental performance in primary school children. The survey participants were all parents. The results of the […]

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Nature’s View of the Night Shift


The BBC recently published an article about the effects on the body as a result of working the night shift. It is no surprise that the overall conclusion was that it is not good for us, but one result of the research was that the “speed and severity of damage caused by being awake at […]

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A Second New Year; Get Ready for Spring!

If you didn’t get a chance to make your resolutions stick since January 1st, you have another chance! And this new year also follows the course of nature. This new year, February 4th, is celebrated in Asia and traces of its western roots are in the celebration of Groundhog’s Day. Groundhog’s Day is a token […]

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Wishing You…

In the photo here, Susan and I are getting into the holiday spirit. Meet Ichi, who is probably dreaming of sardines (his favorite food).

Susan and I would like to thank our families, friends and all of life’s challenges.

We would also like to thank those of you for your continued support of us and SHI. It […]

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