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With the majority of Americans now attempting to eat healthier and an estimated million people adopting vegetarian or semi-vegetarian diets every year in the past decade, The Great Life Diet is ready to enter the cultural mainstream.

In seven steps, The Great Life Diet offers a balanced and orderly approach to an active, fulfilling daily life. The aim always is to strengthen health, however good or ill. Indeed, thousands of people, their ailments ranging widely from the common cold to chronic fatigue to heart disease and even to "incurable" cancers, have been helped, often dramatically, by espousing the dietary and lifestyle practices described in Waxman's instructive guide.

With sound sense and flexible principles, this diet extends to its readers a means both to better their health and to significantly enhance the joy in their daily lives.

Available at, and bookstores nationwide.

"Denny Waxman has offered his heart and his gift to people from all over the world for over 35 years; people that were suffering with little or no hope, restoring their health and giving them back their lives. This is the essence of transformation, and a testimony to his greatness." Alan Gompers, author Maximum Security: The True Meaning of Freedom

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